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Logic-tautologies in Ada95

My program in Ada95 for checking for tautologies and contradictions in Propositional Logic. It checks by analysing Truth tables for all possible variables values combinations.

The main logic is implemented in tautolog.adb Ada95 source code.


Example 1: (p=>s)v(~s=>~t) <=> p=>(s v t)

Example 1

This truth table shows that (p=>s)v(~s=>~t) <=> p=>(s v t) statement is neither a tautology nor a contradiction.

Example 2: [p v (q^r)] <=> [(p v q)^(p v r)]

Example 2

This truth table shows that [p v (q^r)] <=> [(p v q)^(p v r)] statement is a tautology (i.e. always true for all variables values).