My various old works

Mathematical prepositional logic (2004)

My web application allows verifying if a given sentence is a tautology or a logical contradiction. The application displays a table of truth for the given expression. I have collected many of basic tautologies, which can be verified with the application easily. Also, I have provided the source code in Ada95 and PHP.
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Minimization of boolean formulas (2004)

I have created another web application concerning mathematical logic. In the application, Quine-McCluskey algorithm has been implemented, which allows performing automatic minimization of boolean formulas. It is very useful in electronics and especially in design of logic circuits. The application has been written in C and PHP languages.
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Mathematical linguistics (2004)

I have created an on-line general syntax parser for context-free grammars, which allows to display and analyse the generated graph tree. I have also provided the code of the application (written in Ada 95) and its web interface (written in PHP).
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My tips for Vim text editor (2004)

Vim is a very powerful tool that has a long history, and I’ve been using it, since I had Amiga computer. I have collected some of my tips on a web page that can greatly facilitate the work with this editor.
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Pięciu filozofów

Dining philosophers problem (2006)

The applet presents the problem of five dining philosophers. This is a classic problem in concurrent programming and tasks synchronization.
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My various old computer programs (mostly in Polish )

RobPaint 2005/05/11    RobPaint.tgz RobPaint is my first program I wrote in Java, during one week, when I started learning this programming language. The program provides the same functionality as MS Paint©, but also: layers, transparency, textures and gradients, various brushes and filters (blur, edge detection and others). Moreover, the application allows drawing L-System fractals.
MorsePing 2002/10/26    MorsePing.c The program allows communication over the network. However, messages are coded in Morse code and transported as ICMP Ping messages.
dnsp 2002/07/22    dnspenetrate.c The application provides information about DNS zones, allows calculating CIDR and checking DNS server versions.
pola-fizyczne 2004/09/30    pola_fizyczne.tgz This application displays the physical fields around the specified sources. Thus, it allows to imagine physical fields intensity at different points in space.
reminder 2003/03/22    reminder.c is a reminder application for GNU/Linux. It is based on cron(8). At the certain moment in time, the application switches to a separate VT (virtual terminal) and displays a scheduled information.

My old configuration files