Welcome to my homepage!

Robert Nowotniak

My name is Robert Nowotniak, I’m a computer scientist. I received an MSc degree in Computer Science (2008) at The Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Lodz University of Technology (TUL), Poland, and a PhD degree in Computer Science at The Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering, also at the same university. My scientific specialization is artificial intelligence and software engineering. In my master’s thesis (in Polish), I worked on the use of artificial intelligence evolutionary methods in the design of quantum algorithms. In my PhD thesis (in Polish), I worked on a new class of metaheuristics drawing inspiration from both the biological evolution and unitary evolution of quantum systems.

On this page, I publish the results of my ongoing work, my recent scientific publications and speeches. My current scientific interests focus mainly on artificial intelligence, its theoretical analysis, implementation, applications, deployment and development of hybrid systems. Another major area of my scientific interest is quantum computing, which is an ongoing challenge and a valuable source of inspiration for many fields of contemporary technical science. On this website, I’ve also collected my old and unpublished works, such as fractals, cellular automata, IT security and various other projects related to science in general. I know well the majority of modern, imperative, third-generation programming languages, including Ada95, C, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, Java, Python. The common theme of most of my work is modelling reality and an attempt to deepen the understanding of the exciting real-world phenomena (e.g. evolution, intelligence, self-organization, emergence, quantum systems) at their various levels of complexity.