Encrypted and signed communication

My GPG/PGP RSA4069 public key file (generated in 2010, will expire in 2030):

pub   rsa4096 2010-09-13 [SC] [expires: 2030-01-01]
uid           [ultimate] Robert Nowotniak <robert@nowotniak.com>
uid           [ultimate] Robert Nowotniak <rnowotniak@gmail.com>
sub   rsa4096 2010-09-13 [E] [expires: 2030-01-01]

If you already owned my old keys (below), you can verify that the new above key is signed by the old ones with:

gpg --check-sigs '1F51B17AB9EBA8E667E416A0E6BBC908F07F22C6'

My old encryption keys

Generated in 2001. Revoked in March 2022 due to DSA1024 and SHA1 weaknesses.

GPG/PGP public key details:

pub   dsa1024 2001-12-30 [SC] [expires: 2022-03-31]
uid           [ultimate] Robert Nowotniak <Robert@Nowotniak.com>
uid           [ultimate] Robert Nowotniak <rnowotniak@kis.p.lodz.pl>
uid           [ultimate] Robert Nowotniak <rnowotniak@gmail.com>
sub   elg1024 2001-12-30 [E] [expires: 2022-03-31]

My SSH public key

You can use my below ssh public key, if you want to let me login securely to your systems: